The 3rd Seminar on Safety Evaluation in Drug Clinical Trials (第三屆藥物臨床試驗安全性評價研討會)

Subject protection is one of the core principles under ICH GCP. To safeguard this important principle, proper collection of safety information from clinical trials and performing comprehensive safety evaluation are utmost important, in particular to novel immuno-oncology drugs as this is an innovative area in oncology but the safety profile of the drugs still needs continuous evaluation through clinical research.

On 17-18 November 2018, the China Anti-Cancer Association organized its ‘3rd Seminar on Safety Evaluation in Drug Clinical Trials’ in Guangzhou, which attracted more than 150 oncology experts from hospitals, academic institutions and industry to participate. Representative of HKU-CTC elaborated on the current situation and challenges in safety evaluation in drug clinical trials, and its systematic evaluations and innovative points of view have drawn the attention of all participants with positive feedbacks received.