Seminar on New Drug Development after CFDA Joining ICH (CFDA加入ICH后的新药临床试验研讨会)

CFDA has become one of the eight regulatory members of ICH since June 2017. This remarkable milestone symbolizes the assurance by the ICH to the capability of the regulatory authorities of China in contributing to harmonization of technical requirements for global registration of pharmaceutical products.

In preparedness for increasing demands for high quality clinical trial data from pharmaceutical companies and clinical research institutions after joining the ICH by the CFDA, the Alliance of Bio-Box Outsourcing, China (ABO), Beijing Pharma and Biotech Center (BPBC) and Clinical Research Center of Beijing Hospital jointly organized a seminar: 'New Drug Development after CFDA Joining ICH' (CFDA加入ICH后的新药临床试验研讨会) on 11 August 2017 in Beijing Hospital. Representatives of HKU-CTC presented its clinical research management model and shared its experience in novel drug clinical research, attracted more than 200 attendees from various provinces and cities outside Beijing.