China Heart Congress (CHC) 2017 and the 2nd China Vascular Congress (CVC) 2017

As one of the largest and most educational cardiovascular conferences in Asian-Pacific Region, it attracted more than 10,000 participants this year. The three-day conference was sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, China (NCCD) and held in Beijing during 10-13 August 2017. CHC/CVC 2017 covered on various topics, including clinical trials development, fundamental research and innovations, epidemiology and prevention, cardiovascular imaging, general and interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, and nursing in depth etc. HKU-CTC's Managing Director shared his view on ‘Management Model for Clinical Trial Institutions: From a GCP Office to a Professional SMO’ in a session: ‘Perspectives on How to Boost the Sustainable Development of Clinical Trial in China’ on 12 August 2017 and received positive feedbacks from the audience, including the officials of the CFDA.

Representatives of HKU-CTC were honoured to be invited by Dr. Jing Li of NCCD to visit its newly built, sophisticated and impressive complex of National Clinical Research Center of Cardiovascular Diseases after the conference.