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Data Management

Data integrity is among one of the three pillars of clinical research. Data management is an indispensable part of any clinical research that contributes to good data quality.

Proper data management involves a series of activities – from case report form (CRF) and study database development, randomization list generation, source data integration, data query generation, data cleaning and data validation to final database locking. HKU-CTC offers full data management support for local and multinational, multicentre clinical studies through its professional clinical research data management platform namely CREDIT Solutions (Clinical Research Electronic Data and Information Technology Solutions). Through CREDIT Solutions, real-time data collection and logic checking are possible. HKU-CTC’s data management team – including data managers, data management specialists and IT specialists – is able to provide professional IT support and assure data quality using its in-house data validation program, document tracking system and automated error correction system. CREDIT Solutions not only saves paper but also save time and resources for investigators and sponsors/CROs, and more importantly improves data quality.

Traditional data management services based on paper CRFs are also available as appropriate and requested by sponsors/CROs.

Paper and electronic case report form (CRF) development
Study database development
Randomization list generation
Real-time data collection and logic check
Source data integration
Data query generation, data cleaning and data validation
Final database locking
Supporting multinational, multicentre clinical studies
Services available for industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical studies