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Training, Conference & Knowledge Exchange

Protection of study participants, science and data integrity are the three pillars of clinical research. Being a leading academic clinical research organization, HKU-CTC has been active in promoting clinical research training and knowledge exchange activities around the three pillars.

In HKU-CTC, training is far beyond individual training courses, seminars or workshops. It represents a holistic strategy targeting for continuous improvement of clinical research personnel in terms of clinical research concepts, methodologies, ethics, operations, management and compliance – through on-site training workshops, on-line learning platform, and assessment by examinations.

HKU-CTC’s Holistic Training Strategy

To keep pace with the international clinical research trends and requirements, HKU-CTC also actively promotes knowledge exchange activities by organizing, speaking or participating in international conferences/meetings, authoring or contributing to development of policy papers, guidelines and training materials, and organizing visits to or from overseas/local clinical research organizations/corporations/authorities.